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A Year Out of This World

There are many voyages in life, until the final destination. Most people will not know the manner or time of their death. Welcomed, a life-threatening disease can become a powerful teacher.   Nicky is a writer of fiction. At work on her novel “WRATH,” she is stricken suddenly with a rare, aggressive, autoimmune disease.  This book chronicles how she comes to embrace illness as a teacher of life.

Nicky’s TOE   (Nicky’s Theory Of Everything)

On the meaning of life and stories we tell each other on the way.

Living Wisdom: Evolving Principles To Live By

How do we face the day? Each of us finds answers to colour life with. Reader, share my quest.

Nicky's Good Society

Foundational Social Tenets and Evolving Thoughts

Continuity: a Special Love Story

Family secrets in changing times.

Cozy on the Razor's Edge

Will our past lead our future, or will we invent our own?

Wrath: a Novel (in progress - not available yet)

In the jungle, in the boardroom, life is a struggle for power. Civilization had masked its mess but not its lure. In the battle of the sexes, woman may borrow man’s traditional weapons, and man woman’s. How will it end? This is the story of one woman’s power dance, with Wrath her shield.

Other Works:

“Gone West,” A chronicle of Nicky’s first year in British Columbia, revealing a spectrum of fascinating people, customs, mindsets and opinions, arrayed against a backdrop of spectacular natural beauty. Unfortunately, the book is now out-of-print. Please contact the National Library of Canada.

Nicky lives in music, dances Tai Chi and Nia, explores ideas and enjoys people. She is hard at work on living well.
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Vasculitis Foundation
National Institutes of Health
National Library of Canada